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Before we get into the details of the guidelines to follow when you write for us, a small introduction about our website will help you better understand our ethos and what we stand for.



Iconsdev is a growing community drawn from various spheres for our startup platform who are keen to write for us. Our goal and mission are to have a fast-growing Startup Website where visitors get the whole spectrum of knowledge and information starting from articles, blog posts, startup-related stories, and much more. We offer everything that a writer can dream of – access to an audience that is wide and massive in its reach and scope. Which writer would ever want to miss out on this opportunity?

Keeping this in mind, we are providing writers and startups with an amazing chance to get high promotional facilities to increase their brand awareness through more visibility on our site. Contribute your optimized content on our Home Page at rates that will not break your bank. However, for the benefit of our readers, we always consider the quality of content to be more important than the quantity of content that flows in, a factor that we will never compromise on.

Subjects that we Prioritize

Iconsdev is a platform for writers that is focused primarily on startup-related content and stories as well as lifestyle and business news items. We are looking for authors and writers who want to publish their original and unique content on our site and highlight how small and medium-sized startups begin their journey, the hurdles faced, and solutions. Some of the topics that can be covered include the use by startups of innovative strategies to make an impact, the secrets behind their success, optimizing digital marketing campaigns, human resources, and anything else connected to the startup community.

If you as a startup founder, or an executive in your business want to write for us please forward the following guidelines to them so that their task will be made that much easy.

Follow these Guidelines when you Write For Us

Following these guidelines by writers will make the publishing task on our platform easy for us.

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Types of Content We Do Not Publish

During content submission, please ensure that you avoid these points.

Please avoid these factors to ensure that your article or guest post is published on Iconsdev without a hitch.

Procedures for Article Submission

Here are some guidelines to follow for submitting Articles.

The posts should offer advice, success stories, and experiences on the functioning of businesses with a focus on startups.

What are Guest Posts in the broad criteria of Write For Us

The basic definition of Guest Posts is content that is written on the website of another company. Several websites invite and offer a platform for guest posting or sponsored posts on a page that is dedicated to “Write For Us”. Bloggers and guest posts writers approach sites that are in the industry niche they want to write about.

There are many benefits of creating Guest Posts. Businesses are assured high back traffic, a quantum increase in brand visibility and awareness, and an enhancement of domain authority. Most critically, guest posts help in establishing and strengthening contacts and connections within the same industry and are beneficial not only for the writer but also for the website that hosts the “Write for Us” content.

The Importance of Guest Posts for your Business

Guest Posts or “Write for Us” is one of the most optimized SEO strategies that businesses have long followed to increase their rankings on search engine results pages. There are several benefits to it, the most critical being showcasing your industry knowledge, skillsets, and expertise and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Another is the opportunity to connect to others in your sector who are similarly placed thereby enabling you to widen the specialized audience related to your brand.

Upcoming writers and emerging businesses and startups who are trying to make a space for themselves in the industry can also create a mark through Guest Posts and Write for Us.

Write for Us today and get your startup rolling.

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